Anti-nucleolin antibodies with potential widespread clinical utility.

CharlesonPharma's lead IgG1 monoclonal antibody, CP101.2C8, destabilizes multiple oncogenic mRNAs and induces apoptosis and cell death in numerous hematological and solid tumor cells lines. Antibody CP101.2C8 targets the nucleolin transporter on the surface of tumor cells and thereby gains access to the cytoplasm. Cytoplasmic nucleolin has an additional role in stabilizing various oncogenic mRNAs. The binding of CP101.2C8 to cytoplasmic nucleolin promotes destabilization of multiple oncogenic mRNAs by inducing oncogenic mRNA deadenylation and ribonuclease degradation. CP101.2C8 shows high potency against a variety of tumor cell lines that overexpress different oncogenic mRNAs that are stabilized by nucleolin. The unusual broad spectrum activity of our antibody is explained b its ability to destabilize multiple oncogenic mRNAs.